'Get over it!' Row explodes as Remainers whine about airport queues and black passports


As a result of Brexit, British passport holders now have to through European border control in a different line to their continental counterparts. But several furious Remainer travellers have blamed UK’s departure from the European Union after complaining about being caught up in long queues in airports across the English Channel. Former London mayor candidate Siobhan Benita said: “At Lyon airport stuck in huge queue with other Brits for passport control.

“Before we left the EU I would have walked straight through with my French husband.

“I will never not detest my black passport that symbolises everything stupid about Brexit.”

Commenting on a video of a long line in Gare du Nord, EU regulatory lawyer Jessica Simor raged: “Brexit. What a stupid stupid stupid thing to do.”

But the complaints have been torn apart by Brexiteers, who have told Remainers to stop complaining about Brexit by accepting the UK can now “do things differently and follow our own path which is true sovereignty”.

Reacting to our initial story, Express.co.uk reader “mableone” wrote: “There are those of us who do remember the UK before the EU.

“We are out, thank the Lord, get over it.

“We had to get used to the EU when we joined, hiked up prices for a start and the ruination of our fishing and farmers so, get used to it now we are out.

“We can do things differently and follow our own path which is true sovereignty. Soppy Remainers.”

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Fellow Express reader “Dump truck” made reference to the new black-coloured passports Britons are now being issued with following the departure from the EU.

They said: “If you don’t like your little black passport, you can always get a French one and buzz off.

“I know what I voted for and I’m happy”

Several other Express.co.uk readers mocked the continued complaining about Brexit from Remainers.

“Michael Taylor” beamed: “‘EU regulatory lawyer Jessica Simor said: Brexit. What a stupid stupid stupid thing to do’.

“Ha ha ha, wonderful. You’ve made my day!”

Express.co.uk reader “TooManyIdiots” added: “The more the Remianers whinge, the more I laugh.”


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