Girl, 3, slices finger to the bone in gruesome KFC accident


Blood gushed out of Shalalai Khan’s digit after falling from her chair at the restaurant in Small Heath, Birmingham. The youngster was dashed to hospital as the bone became exposed, and doctors had to perform emergency surgery.

KFC has investigated but says it found “no defects on site that may have caused such an injury”.

But Shalalai’s dad Inam, 41, has demanded bosses to re-investigate the case.

“When my three-year-old daughter fell from her chair my wife picked her up while she was crying loudly and was shocked to see her hand full of blood,” the father of three said.

“The upper part was missing from her finger. My daughter was screaming in pain and my wife was extremely upset inside KFC.

“During this time no member of staff attended or offered any kind of help. When she realised nobody was there to help her, she called me to come and assist.

“The ambulance took them to the hospital A&E and after staying in 24 hours in the hospital, my daughter had a plastic surgery of her finger.”

Inam’s daughter still struggles to draw and write with her left hand, Birmingham Live reports. 

The horror happened in July last year but Inam has today called on KFC to look at the case again.

The dad, of Yardley, Birmingham, continued: “It is a very serious matter for any parent, especially where the plastic surgery is involved for a three-year child.

“This has become a mystery not only for us as parents, but it was also a mystery for the paramedic staff of the ambulance and the doctors who treated my daughter that how it happened due to just a normal fall from a chair.

“Medics advised us that such injury can be caused by a sharp item or faulty equipment.

“She’s been left traumatised after that incident left deep scars. Since the incident she would not go to KFC and keeps insisting not to go there again.

“Sometimes she questions why her one finger is different than her others, she won’t let us cut her nails. As during the recovery her whole nail came off so she is so scared that if we cut her nails they wont grow back or it will hurt her finger.

“When she writes it’s difficult for her to hold the pencil it takes her some time to get the grip. It’s really heartbreaking to see your child cry and be scared because of this particular incident.”

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “We were called to reports of a medical emergency on George Road at 5.42pm on July 12, 2021.

“One ambulance attended the scene and we treated one patient, a young girl, for a serious but non-life threatening injury before she was taken to Heartlands Hospital for further treatment.”

In a statement, a KFC spokeswoman told BirminghamLive: “Safety is our top priority for our guests, and it goes without saying that we’re really sorry to hear about Inam and his daughter.

“Our restaurant team were only made aware of the injury after the family had left the restaurant, but we’ve worked with the team to try to understand what happened.

“We’ve previously reached out to Inam and we’d love him to get back in touch so we can help make things right.”


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