Gravy recipe: 'Make the gravy taste like it's been cooking for hours'


Ben Ebbrell is a professional chef with over 12 years of experience. He is the founder of Sortedfood, the world’s largest food and cooking community.

Gravy recipe tips

Soy sauce

Adding soy sauce to gravy will darken the colour and add a salty flavour.

Skim fat with ice cubes

To skim extra fat from your gravy, use ice cubes.

Add them to your saucepan. The fat will stick to them and make it easy to scoop out.

Ben also detailed his “perfect” roast potatoes recipe, too. 

He discussed the best potatoes to use, and the best fat to roast them in with

“Perfect roasties rely on tasty fat and potato variety,” he told readers.

“We roast King Edwards in plenty of duck fat for great-tasting, crispy potatoes.”


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