Gregg Wallace weight loss: TV presenter shed 4st without dieting – ‘Changed my life!'


“He said ‘If we don’t change you’re going to be seriously ill, you’re heading for a heart attack’. 

“I didn’t panic, I thought ‘this is what I need now to change’ and so I started looking around thinking ‘how can I be healthy?’ 

“I tried lots of diets,” he continued. “They didn’t particularly work for me, I was hungry all the time. 

“So bit by bit, I taught myself what was healthy and what I could and couldn’t eat – it completely changed my life.

“Look, there are what I call ‘three horsemen of the get fat apocalypse – and I was doing all three – booze, takeaway and snacking. 

“Now I’m not suggesting we stop all of them,” Gregg added. “But if we can get a handle on it, start to reduce it, then we go a long way to improving our fitness.”


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