Harry is in 'honeymoon phase' of American life but will soon want to move back to UK


On Thursday, Prince Harry filed another High Court claim against the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police. Harry launched his first claim against the Met Police and the Home Office in 2021, arguing his private security team in the US doesn’t have adequate jurisdiction abroad or access to UK intelligence information. The Duke of Sussex wants to pay for police protection and has claimed he is reluctant to bring his children — three-year-old Archie and one-year-old Lilibet — to the UK because it is not safe.

“So, I do think eventually he will want to move back. The big question is, is she down for the move as well? I don’t know.”

Following the Jubilee, questions regarding when, or if, the Sussexes will return to the UK.

The couple kept a low profile during the four-day weekend, visiting briefly before heading back to the US on Sunday, June 5  — before the celebrations came to a close. 

The Sussexes made a single public appearance at St Paul’s Cathedral for a thanksgiving service but that is where their celebratory appearances ended.

They were not present at the Party at the Palace or Jubilee Pageant and did not appear on the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

Some experts have claimed that the atmosphere between the Duke and Duchess and certain members of the Royal Family were still frosty. 

Russell Myers, royal editor at the Daily Mirror, told Lorraine at the time: “It’s very interesting because when I was in St Paul’s Cathedral, lots could have been made about whether William or Charles gave them a nod or a wink.

“And they didn’t. They didn’t have eye contact.”

This “sad” moment was spotted by the eagle-eyed expert, who added: “Harry was sort of craning his neck to make eye contact with William, I felt that was quite sad.”

He went on to say that it is unlikely that we will see the Sussexes in the UK in the “near future”. 

He told the TV presenter: “I definitely still think the wounds are very raw.”


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