Has he opened up his homes? Prince Charles 'must keep his nose out' of Rwanda row


The Royal Family are expected to be impartial and refrain from sharing personal opinions concerning political matters, although Prince Charles has previously been vocal about his views. Reports emerged this weekend suggesting the Prince of Wales had privately expressed his opposition to the Government’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda for processing and resettlement. Speaking on GB News, journalist Andrew Pierce reacted to the future king’s latest reported comments, insisting he should refrain from expressing his personal views.

Speaking to Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster, Mr Pierce said: “[And] Prince Charles, by the way, should keep his nose out of it”.

Ms Webster said: “Lets talk about that then, because he’s been reported to have said that this is an appalling policy”, Isabel’s co-host Mr Holmes added: “I love it when they stick their nose in and it annoys politicians”.

Mr Pierce said: “We [could] take Prince Charles more seriously on this if he said ‘by the way I’ve opened up one of my many many residences to five families of refugees crossing the channel’, but he hasn’t.

“And he’s got a lot of property”.

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Speaking previously on Fox Business, former Brexit party leader Nigel Farage stated that the future king does “get too political” at times.

In the interview, Mr Farage said: “My problem with Charles – I’ve met him many times over the years – and the country’s problem with him, is that he gets a bit too political.

“The whole point of the monarchy is that it’s supposed to stay above politics”.

The former party leader added: “His global warming agenda unless he wants to alienate a large chunk of the country, he’s going to have to keep fairly quite about that.”


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