Health and happiness horoscope: Russell Grant shares horoscopes for 2022


GEMINI, 2022

A golden opportunity will come your way to change your life in the spring. Don’t be in a rush to make up your mind as offers and opportunities that come up at this time won’t vanish into thin air as you half expect them to. Good news relating to your partner or a relative’s career in the summer will lift your spirits. It will mean a lot to you to see them happy and you might benefit, too, from their good fortune. Adopting healthier habits in the autumn will bring an improvement to your health. Channelling your energy into group activities will make you feel productive in December.

CANCER, 2022

Becoming more aware of the part you play in creating situations will bring greater clarity and peace of mind. The more you accept and adapt, the more the Universe will support you by bringing love and joy into all you do. Spending more time with spiritual friends in the autumn will make you aware of how, in subtle ways, your views, tastes and beliefs have been changing. Some deep and meaningful conversations will make you realise how wonderful you are and having faith in yourself means others are more likely to have faith in you too. This will be a far healthier approach to life.

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