Heartbreak as rescue dog receives no applications as adopters 'put off by facial scars'


Bronco was rescued along with six other dogs in a joint operation by the RSPCA and Cheshire Police in Greater Manchester in October 2020 as part of an investigation into a group of family members who were hunting wildlife with their dogs.

The five-year-old lurcher was taken to the charity’s Felledge Animal Centre in County Durham.

Bronco has been patiently waiting to be put up for adoption while the case went through the courts.

But since he has been made available, the poor pooch has not received a single application despite being a favourite among staff.

The charity fears Bronco is being overlooked due to scars on his face after he was previously used to hunt wildlife.

Due to his past he also has to wear a muzzle when out and about, which the centre also believes is putting potential adopters off him.

Kennel supervisor Jo Dodds said: “Bronco is such a lovely boy and he spent a long time with us while his case went through courts.

“Since he’s been available for rehoming we’ve sadly had no applications for him, even though he’s a beautiful boy, inside and out.

“Sadly, we fear people are being put off by his scars and the fact he has to wear a muzzle when he’s out and about.

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He walks well on the lead and goes for group walks at the centre.

Bronco can sometimes get a little uncomfortable around some male dogs but is easily distracted with treats and gentle reassurance.

He will need a home with a secure garden and a high fence.

Find out more about Bronco here.


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