Help, my power has gone out! Five essential steps you should take in a power cut


Leave on

Leaving one light on will let you see as soon as the power cut has been rectified.

Check on your neighbours

People are advised to check on neighbours, not only to check if they have had a power cut too, but also to ensure they are safe.

If it turns out they have power, your trip switch may have activated.

Look out for any elderly or vulnerable neighbours and make sure they are prepared for a period of time without electricity.

Wrap up

If a power cut happens during a period of cold or bad weather, it is a good idea to make sure you have plenty of layers to hand.

Try to keep heat in your home by closing doors and windows.

You should also make sure you have multiple torches along with extra batteries.

If you are expecting a planned power cut, it is a good idea to charge your mobile phone to full battery ahead of time.


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