'He's a joke!' Boris suffers Red Wall fury as PM slammed over 'extortionate energy bills'


Results from focus groups in the so-called Red Wall seat of Bolton North East indicate support for the Prime Minister has all but evaporated, with voters furious at the row over alleged illegal gatherings in Downing Street. Mr Johnson stormed to victory at the ballot box in 2019 thanks to winning over support from those in former Labour heartlands, with fears the Tories will lose the next election if they do not retain their vote.

The Prime Minister has been coming under increasing pressure after a series of damaging accusations about parties that broke Covid regulations were leaked to the press.

His reputation was further wounded last Wednesday when he was forced to apologise in the Commons after admitting to attending one of the parties, although he insisted it was a “work meeting” and technically within the rules.

Now Express.co.uk readers have turned their backs on the Prime Minister, branding him a “joke”.

One reader, known as Jedi Jones, commented: “The Red Wall don’t care if Johnson had a drink after work.

“They’re too busy worrying about how to pay for their extortionate energy bills inflicted on them by Boris with his net zero fantasy.

“The man’s a joke.”

JHPoole wrote: “If the garden parties was the only thing, I wouldn’t mind too much.

“The real issue for me is that Boris Johnson has betrayed us on fishing, care home fees, pensions, Northern Ireland, the Northern Powerhouse, HS2 phase2, net zero Nut Nuts, clean air zones / low traffic neighbourhoods, and of course taxation, inflation, and migration.

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Jiran the Grey added: “Won’t push back migrants boats.

“Won’t walk away from the EU’s imperialist control over NI.

“His voters are leaving him.”

While Matt Holland said: “What has Johnson actually done?

“Signed off a bad Brexit he is trying to undo, handled the Covid crisis terribly, put up taxes, rampant inflation and lower standard of living.”

And Riddled_Beaver wrote: “Brexit has rotted the heart of Britain!

“Defending BoJo is dark business.”

Others defended Mr Johnson and said the mounting pressure for him to resign is a “concerted effort” by Remainers to rejoin the EU.

LM1949 wrote: “Just remember that all of this is a concerted effort by Remainers to oust Johnson because they believe they can reverse Brexit.”

AnglosphereStrikesBack added: “You can smell the desperation in the EU fifth column.

“They can’t oust Boris no matter how hard they try.

“Invent all the polls and anonymous insiders you like.”

A poll published by Savanta ComRes over the weekend gave Labour their biggest lead over the Conservatives for almost 10 years.

The survey of 2,151 adults on Thursday and Friday put Labour on 42 percent, with the Tories on 32 percent.

The last time such a huge margin was registered was in 2013.


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