Highway Code row: Drivers refuse to obey new rules as walkers forced to run away from cars


Changes were made to the Highway Code in January. This included a focus on priority rules on UK roads. The Department of Transport, DfT, published new rules which reveal drivers now have less priority.

When it comes to crossing the road at junctions, there have been three amendments made to the Highway Code.

As reported on the Government, website the new rules state:

When people are crossing or waiting to cross at a junction, other traffic should give way.

If people have started crossing and traffic wants to turn into the road, pedestrians have priority and the traffic should give way.

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He then went to Harrow Road and Gaul Street in the city and wanted to see if a car would stop to let him cross the road.

Mr Bedford discovered that during a period of 40 minutes only one driver spotted him and let him cross.

The rest of the vehicles, ten in total, all drove by without stopping.

However, the test turned out to be a dangerous exercise.

Many of the vehicles did not give way to Mr Bedford, forcing him to run in order to avoid being hit.

After the test showed the lack of awareness from drivers about the new rules, it could be dangerous for pedestrians to walk out in front of traffic.

This is even if the pedestrians do have the right of way.

If a motorist fails to abide by the new rules, they could face a £200 fine and six points on their licence.


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