Homes Under the Hammer buyer boosts value by £34,000 in 12 weeks despite Japanese knotweed


At auction, the house was secured by Jermaine, who recently made the step into full-time property development and had a successful bid of £101,000.

Jermaine planned to buy, renovate and rent out the property in just 12 weeks.

He had been investing in property for the last few years, inspired by the Homes Under the Hammer series.

His budget was between £18,000 to £20,000 and he wanted to completely renovate the whole place.

Unfortunately, Jermaine wasn’t aware of the Japanese knotweed covering the garden, but says he will arrange the necessary treatment to get rid of it and is confident the property will be a success.

Homes Under the Hammer visited Jermaine 12 weeks later to see his progress.


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