Horror as dognappers pretend to stroke French bulldog before grabbing pet


Footage shows the two dognappers approaching 60-year-old Caroline Busby, who was taking Luna for a stroll down a path in Worcestershire. The two men then stop Caroline and her one-year-old puppy, bending down to stroke the dog before making off with the helpless canine. Just prior to making contact, the men walk around outside of Caroline’s view behind the fence, but in full view of the CCTV camera.

Distraught over her missing pooch, Caroline and her family scoured the area after Luna was taken on March 3.

Kirsty Groves, Caroline’s daughter, said: “You can see on the CCTV that they are crouched down, waiting for her to come around the corner.”

She described how her mother thought they were occupied tying their shoelaces before questioning Caroline on Luna’s age.

Kirsty added: “Then they just unclipped her and ran.

“They had been hiding in a bush, my mum didn’t even see them.”

She described the horror for the family, continuing: “We’ve not slept. We are both still in shock.

“My mum’s dog is my mum’s best friend, she’s not just a dog. It is a family pet.

“They are part of your family.”

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“We are really grateful for those who took the time to help find her.

“We can only think that the theft was purely down to money. French bulldogs are expensive.

“We even took extra precautions when I brought her the dog because of this.”

“I got my mum a panic alarm to take on her walks with her and she was insured as much as she could be, but this still happened.”

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said: “Two males in their early twenties seen running towards Mayfield Road carrying the dog in their arms.

“Police are continuing with their investigations and are determined to track down the offenders.”


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