Houseplant expert on most common sign cacti's & succulents need watering 'You'll notice'


During the winter months, houseplants need different care. Their position, amount of light and how much water they need changes. spoke to Patch Plant doctor Richard Cheshire about getting a cactus or succulent to thrive during the colder part of the year. 

The swollen leaves give you a good clue to how to look after them. Because they can store lots of water in their leaves. 

The presence of spines is a defining characteristic of cacti.

Cacti have small, round, cushion-like structures called areoles in which flowers and hair can grow. 

As for how they should be looked after, Richard said: “Cacti and succulents are a little different in terms of their care needs compared to many other houseplants in that they need very little moisture and are much better at handling harsh, dry conditions.

Another way to ensure the houseplant gets enough water is misting. 

Plants like to suck up moisture from the air, so give by regularly misting it will boost the humidity in your home.

Cactis and succulents are also air purifying. 

But not all cactis and succulents are dog and child friendly. 


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