Houseplants: Orchid care expert shares ‘tip’ to encourage orchids to re-bloom


Most orchids will flower around once a year but if they’re especially happy with their conditions, they may bloom again. When buying an orchid in bloom, the flowers will typically last for six to 10 weeks. After this, it can take a month or several months for an orchid to re-bloom.

Some orchids may not appear to re-bloom which can be down to the light.

If an orchid just produces more leaves that are quite pale, then it’s not getting enough sunlight.

Moth orchids, which are one of the most popular, come in a variety of beautiful colours.

If you want the plant to re-bloom again, an expert has shared her special “tip” for encouraging the plant to bloom.

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Too much direct light can cause the leaves to burn.

Moth orchids are often overwatered which can lead to the leaves going yellow.

The roots can also rot, turn black and become soft.

Orchid roots should be firm and a white-green colour in appearance.


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