'How can we take responsibility?!' Kuenssberg erupts at Boris over huge Covid 'mistake'


Laura Kuenssberg challenged the Prime Minister on the Government’s announcement that free Covid tests will no longer be provided for Britons. The move to axe free testing kits came on Monday amid the loosening of all remaining Covid restrictions in England. Ms Kuenssberg suggested that the scrapping of free testing could undermine guidance for people to take “personal responsibility” in tackling the virus. 

Ms Kuenssberg asked the Prime Minister: “You are scrapping free tests for all. But you’re telling everybody they have to take personal responsibility? How can people take personal responsibility if they may not be able to afford to get a Covid test?

“Even if they’re trying to? Do you accept that you’re giving Scotland Northern Ireland and Wales really no choice but to do the same? Because there won’t be additional money for testing and to service.”

Turning to Sir Patrick Vallance, she added: “Sir Patrick, you know, many times you’ve talked about how a lack of testing early on hampered the attempts to save lives.

“Now there are enough tests, but the government is no longer going to fund for your tests for all I know, You’ve both emphasised the need for good surveillance, but testing is being scaled back. Do you worry that in time, that could prove to be a mistake?”



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