How Chris Eubank Jr and Conor Benn have been preparing for Saturday's clash


Fight night is just around the corner for Chris Eubank Jr and Conor Benn. The pair will be putting not only their reputation but their family’s legacy on the line during their bout at the O2 Arena on Saturday.

Eubank has already said his career will be over if he loses the contest, while Benn is worried a loss could undo all of the hard work he has done so far.

The stakes are high for Saturday night’s fight and both boxers will need to bring their absolute A-game.

So, with that in mind, Sportsmail has taken a look at each boxer’s approach to the fight and the way they are training for it.

It’s safe to say they are both taking very different approaches. Eubank is eating KFC and abstaining from sex, while Benn is smashing the gym and spending time with his family.

Chris Eubank Jr (L) and Conor Benn (R) will go head-to-head in London on Saturday evening

Chris Eubank Jr (L) and Conor Benn (R) will go head-to-head in London on Saturday evening 

Chris Eubank Jr 

Tucking into a KFC bucket 

Eubank Jr’s diet has been a topic of conversation leading up to the fight. He has to drop down to a 157lb catchweight for the bout with Benn, having boxed at 160 and 168lbs in his most recent fights.

Many thought the 32-year-old would therefore be dieting ahead of his clash with Benn on October 8. Eubank Jr, however, has other ideas.

He was spotted with a KFC bucket in his hand when he attended the O2 Arena to watch YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI fight twice on the same night.

Many questioned Eubank Jr’s motive behind eating the fast food in public, believing it was was publicity stunt designed to lower Benn’s guard ahead of the fight. 

Others thought it was an early excuse mechanism in case he loses the highly-anticipated clash on October 8. 

Eubank Jr was seen eating a KFC bucket at the O2 Arena watching YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI

Eubank Jr was seen eating a KFC bucket at the O2 Arena watching YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI

Treating himself to burger 

The KFC wasn’t Eubank Jr’s only fast-food fiasco. The 32-year-old filmed himself tucking into a greasy burger just nine days before hitting the scales for his showdown with Benn.

Eubank Jr shared the video on TikTok and captioned it ‘FoodPorn’. He continued: ‘Tastes so good it just can’t be bad. 11 days until fight night!’.

Many fans have expressed their concern over Eubank Jr’s eating habits given the fact the fight will be cancelled if he weighs in at 159lbs or more.

However, Eubank Jr recently said: ‘I am not concerned about the weight difference. I put over middles and super-middles in sparring, I have to fly them in, so it makes no difference to me anyway.

‘At the end of camp I walk around at around 154lbs and I go into the ring around super-middleweight [168lbs] anyway. So I am not concerned about the weight, it is not a factor for me.’

Insisting he will only fight at 60 per cent 

Eubank Jr has said the weight-cut will leave him fighting at ’60 per cent’ on October 8, but insisted it would still be enough to win the fight.

The Briton seems to be taking the weight loss lightly, while his father appears to be worried about the consequences. Eubank Sr told Sportsmail: ‘My son’s life cannot be put in danger. I’ve already lost one. It can’t happen again.’

At the pair’s launch press conference, Eubank Jr told Benn that the catchweight and rehydration clause would mean he could only compete at 60 per cent of his best.

Eubank Jr decided to hammer his point home at his 33rd birthday meal by eating a cake with ‘60%’ written in chocolate sauce on the plate.

Abstaining from sex 

Eubank Jr has said he is not going to ‘kill himself in training’ but did admit he would abstain from sex for two weeks to build up his testosterone levels. However, he did say he would usually cut out sex for eight weeks.  

‘I’m not going to kill myself in this training camp,’ Eubank said in a roundtable interview alongside Conor Benn on the Matchroom Boxing YouTube channel. 

‘Usually I go eight weeks without sex. I abstain for eight weeks. Week by week, the longer you withhold, you build testosterone.

‘I’m going to abstain for two weeks for you. Canelo, Golovkin, they get eight weeks. [Billy Joe] Saunders gets four weeks. Conor Benn gets two.’

Eubank Jr went on to add: ‘Jake Paul gets one week. So you’re not at the bottom of the barrel, but you’re close.’

Conor Benn

Pounding away on the treadmill 

Benn appears to be taking his training more seriously than Eubank Jr. Some believe Eubank’s social media posts have been designed to lure Benn into a false sense of security.

However, Benn has said (and shown via his Instagram) that he has been training harder than ever ahead of Saturday’s showdown. 

Benn has been posting videos of himself in the gym on a regular basis. He also shared a video of himself running on the treadmill. 

Spending time with his family 

Benn is a real family man. He is heard talking about his family during his interview’s and regularly shares pictures with his son. 

Benn also shares a lot of photos of himself with his wife Victoria – who is a radio personality and model. 

Benn’s family-oriented posts certainly differ from what Eubank Jr has had to offer in recent weeks.  

Lunching with friends  

Eubank Jr has been stuffing his face with fast food while Benn has been enjoying some fine dining with his friends.

Benn has posted several photos of himself out with his friends at nice restaurants in the build-up to the fight. 

One of the restaurants Benn has visited is Scott’s in Mayfair. They are known for having a huge selection of market-fresh fish, seafood and caviar.

They also serve oysters and have a champagne bar. Not bad for some, eh?

Smashing out PB’s in the gym

Benn gave fans an insight into his gym session by sharing some clips of his gruelling routine. He was seen lifting some extremely heavy weights while screaming out loud.

Benn also shared a clip to outline his agility and explosiveness. He was seen leaping into the air while holding a set of dumbbells in each hand.

The 26-year-old has also taken to the ring to spar with Brad Pauls (16-0, 9 KO’s) and the former British and Commonwealth champion, Felix Cash (15-0, 10 KO’s).

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