How to apply fake eyelashes: Makeup guru's definitive guide – 'you can't go wrong'


Then apply your adhesive sparingly to the lash strip and leave to go tacky for at least 40 seconds. This is where so many people mess up. If the glue is too wet, you are in for a messy application, which can lead to odd-looking lashes.

I also like to trim lashes to fit the eye shape – sometimes completely in half as if it’s a winged lash, it will often blend really well with your lash line and looks more natural. It depends on how heavy your eye makeup is.

While you are waiting for your adhesive to go tacky, this is the perfect time to apply your mascara – this will also help connect the lash with your natural lashes.

Then using a lash applicator or tweezers, hold the lash in the center and place it on the lash line.


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