How to get rid of magpies in your garden – 3 natural deterrents to scare birds away


Magpies are incredibly clever birds and a dominant species in the UK. As a result, they can be rather difficult to keep out of your garden. Though they are not harmful, you may find magpies pecking at growing produce or causing a mess in your green space.

Cover fruit and garden produce with nets

If you have a problem with magpies nibbling away at your growing produce, you can render your goods off-limits to magpies by covering them with netting. Make sure to pay special attention to fruit trees and vegetable patches.

Magpies will be able to see the product but won’t be able to get much off it, so this will help keep them away as they’ll eventually have to go elsewhere for their dinner.

Use bird scare tape

Bird scare tape is a visual and audible deterrent used for protecting your property. The spears of light being reflected from the surface and the noise of the moving tape repels the birds.

However, this type of tape impacts a number of common birds including pigeons, seagulls and blackbirds.

Attach bird scare tape, which can be found online, to stakes and string it about 18inches above potential food and water sources.

Twist the tape several times while stringing it and giving it enough slack to hang loosely.


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