How to get rid of summer pests including ants and fruit flies using ‘natural remedies’


With the UK experiencing hot weather, households will inevitably see more ants and fruit flies. They become more active in the summer months as they mate and start to build a nest.

However, being attracted to ripening or fermenting fruits, the expert said summer is their “prime time”.

He explained: “They can be deeply annoying to live with, so how can you avoid them?

“Well, the best way to avoid fruit flies is to cut your waste. 

“If you only buy what you know you’re definitely going to eat/use, you’ll not only ensure that you have nothing to attract fruit flies into your home, but also save yourself some money. In a business environment, this is obviously harder to manage. 

“Emptying your bins at least daily, and washing produce when it enters your kitchen, can help to stop fruit flies taking hold. 

“If you already have fruit flies, leaving a mixture of apple cider vinegar and liquid soap in a dish on the side will attract and trap fruit flies. 

“If it’s a serious problem, then you’ll need to contact your local pest control.”


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