How to kill moss – five foolproof methods to kill moss and keep it away for good


Wash and scrub the surface

One of the simplest ways to remove moss is to physically peel it away from the surface by scrubbing the affected area.

Adding in a few drops of liquid detergent can help to kill stubborn live moss while removing it at the same time.

Use a large brush with stiff bristles and add a few drops of your chosen cleanser.

Scrub vigorously and rinse the area with a power washer or hose to clear the remnants from seams, cracks or other hard to reach areas.

Spray your lawn

For moss growth on your lawn, it is important to use gentle ingredients to avoid further damage to your grass.

Mix together a few drops of mild dish soap into a full spray bottle of water.

Head out onto your lawn during damp conditions and spray the affected area.

You should aim to do this early in spring before you lay fresh grass seed and during a dry spell when no further rain is forecast for at least 24 hours.


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