How to sleep: Drinking a gut-health drink before bed can result in a better night's sleep


A nutritionist has backed up suggestions drinking kombucha daily could improve sleep. Eve Kalinik is a nutritional therapist and the author of Happy Gut, Happy Mind.

She also co-hosts The Wellness Breakdown, a podcast all about wellness trends and whether they really work. 

Eve said kombucha could “have a positive influence” on sleep.

It’s been claimed drinking kombucha every day could boost the health of Britons in numerous ways by kombucha brand Nexba, including a better night’s sleep.

The company is encouraging Britons to drink kombucha every day for two weeks in its Good Gut Feels challenge.

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Eve told just how the drink could boost good quality sleep.

She said: “Like other fermented foods because kombucha can contain microbes that are beneficial for our gut it may have a positive influence on the gut-brain connection and the neurotransmitters that govern our sleep-wake cycle.”

However, she did stress kombucha alone won’t be enough to guarantee a good night’s sleep.

It is still important to maintain other healthy habits for sleep.

Eve said: “Supporting good quality and quantity of sleep requires addressing myriad factors such as hormonal factors, adequate intake of fibre and protein, caffeine and alcohol consumption, device use and stress to name a few.”


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