Huge backlog of driving licences and tests continue as experts warn of '24 week wait'


“Whilst the DVSA had planned to permanently increase the number of tests each examiner conducts per day from seven to eight, an overwhelming number of people threatened to strike if this was brought in so the DVSA shelved the plans making sure that driving tests could continue.”

In June last year, the DVSA announced it would make 15,000 to 20,000 more test slots available per month as part of its efforts to speed-up exams and allow more people to gain their driving licence.

It also held a campaign to recruit 300 extra test examiners and asked people who were qualified to conduct driving tests to return to the job including asking recently retired examiners to conduct tests.

Mr McIntosh continued, saying: “Whilst I am confident that the backlog will be over by this time next year, it will not happen overnight, nor will it happen without further action.


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