'I did it for me': Love Island star is 'lot less' critical of her face without lip fillers


Sharon, 26, is a former civil servant and contestant on 2021’s Love Island series. The influencer has spoken openly about her time on the show, as well as how she has been targeted by trolls since, impacting her mental health. Sharon’s appearance has also been criticised in the past, and she was even called “fake” while on Love Island due to her cosmetic procedures, including her lip fillers. But, now, the 26-year-old has dissolved these fillers. She spoke to Express.co.uk about the reasons behind her decision.

Sharon has made headlines recently for raising awareness of violence against women, especially drink spiking, of which she herself has been a victim.

The ex-Love Islander is also an advocate of mental health, having suffered ill mental health, like many others, in the past.

Her appearance was one of the things making Sharon unhappy this year, so she decided to do something about it.

“I was really unhappy with the filler in my chin and jawline,” the influencer told Express.co.uk.

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“I then had my lips topped up and the filler become lumpy, which I know was a possible side effect when having them done, but I wasn’t happy so I decided to simply have them dissolved in a bid to get a more natural effect.”

Sharon had her lips dissolved earlier this year, in March, and has been feeling more positive since.

The 26-year-old said she thought she was “more confident” with lip fillers, but now that they’re no longer there, she is “100 percent more confident without”.

But Sharon’s confidence comes from the ability to make decisions for herself and look the way she wants to look – this is more confident-boosting than her appearance itself, she explained.


She said: “I chose to get my treatments done, and dissolved, for me and no one else.

“I do feel confident – I also felt empowered that I had control over myself, what I decided to get done, and who was carrying out the procedure.”

Sharon went on to explain that she was “never insecure about my lips or anything that gave me anxiety”.

“The choice of having lip filler was more something I wanted to do, rather than something I felt I needed to do,” she said.

“The trolling that was focused on my fillers has since died down from having the filler dissolved which has improved my mental health too.”

Sharon went on to share her opinion on why other women, like her, are now deciding to dissolve their lip fillers, or getting other cosmetic surgery undone.

“In my personal opinion, and when speaking to people, the older you become the less you care about what others think,” the 26-year-old said.

“If you’ve had work done because of what other people think or what they’ve suggested to you, you’re more likely to not care anymore and look to have it dissolved. It was a factor in getting my fillers dissolved.”

When thinking about potential cosmetic procedures, such as lip fillers, Sharon highlighted the importance of “making sure you are getting treatments for yourself and no one else”.

“Do not feel pressured to look a certain way,” she stressed.

“I would always ensure you wait until the legal age of 18 before having any work done. I’d also really consider your financial position – don’t get into trouble with your finances for the sake of having work done.

“I’d also research and do your diligence when looking into choosing an aesthetics practitioner – always make sure you go to a registered and insured professional.”

Sharon dissolved her lips using a product called Hyluronidase, which essentially breaks down the hyaluronic acid in the dermal filler.

“Getting the treatments done in the beginning is not to be taken lightly and is something you should really research beforehand,” she added.

When it comes to other cosmetic procedures, Sharon said she loves “beauty and make-up, so I’m naturally drawn to aesthetic treatments”.

“I’ve had semi-permanent makeup, my eyebrows are micro-bladed, chemical peels and anti-wrinkle treatments,” she explained.

“I already have breast implants, and these do need replacing every 10 to 15 years, which I will do.”

The ex-Love Islander added: “I think depends on where you are with your life and your decisions, I would be open but right now it’s not something I’m looking into.”


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