‘I swear by it!’: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘easiest’ way to get rid of ants in homes


As highly social insects, ants normally enter homes in groups and they are far from welcome guests. There are specialist pesticides on the market which are formulated to kill ants, but they aren’t always necessary to fix the problem and can be difficult to use. Instead, fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch have shared their natural top tips to get rid of ants on dedicated Facebook cleaning pages.

Posting on Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, one woman asked for advice on how to get rid of ants in her kitchen.

Judith Drake wrote: “We suddenly seem to have ants in our kitchen, not many but enough that I want to get rid of them. 

“I’ve seen that killing individual ones doesn’t work as it just encourages more through some sort of ant transference thing.

“Any suggestions would be really appreciated as the thought of all these ants in my kitchen makes me cringe.”

The kitchen is the most attractive place for ants to go.

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“It’s eco friendly, easy and really works. Ants are social insects and go looking for their missing friends.”

Bella Thomas suggested: “I have a few steps you can follow for the easiest way to kill ants in homes.

“Mix equal parts of baking soda and confectioners sugar in a cup. How much mixture you make is dependent on the scale of your ant infestation. 

“But one cup is more than plenty to spread around for your average ant incomer.

“Find where your high-traffic areas are. If it’s through a crack into your kitchen, place the mixture into the crack and around the entrance. 

“If you have ants in your cupboards and you’re not sure where they’re coming from, place the mixture into a shallow container (a jar lid will do) and leave one in each cupboard.

“If you know where the nest is, sprinkle the mixture on top of it and around it. 

“Again, if you see any entrances to the nest, put a teaspoon’s worth of mix there too.

“If it has worked and you haven’t seen any ants for a few hours, block the gaps that they have used to get into your home so that they cannot get in again. 

“If it hasn’t worked, just repeat with a more liberal application of the mix.

“If you have any leftover mixture, put it into a jar and save it for next time. Just be sure to label the jar clearly so you can find it easily when the next colony decides to invade.”

Lily Scott commented: “Icing sugar and baking soda mixed together, I swear by it. Ants get drawn to the sweetness and when they take it back to the nest the baking soda dries them up. Works a treat.”

Jamie Reader wrote: “Baking soda and icing sugar with water into a paste, they take it back to their nest and it wipes the crew out.”

Ants are often lured into homes by the prospect of food, so keep food out of sight and in containers.

Food and drink spills should be cleared up ASAP and dirty dishes shouldn’t be left to pile up for too long.


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