I used a 13p fruit to remove stubborn limescale from my bathroom tap – here’s the results


With over 60 percent of the UK classed as having hard water, limescale is a problem for many. It presents itself in a powdery-white crust and lingers around taps, sinks, toilets, shower screens, and anywhere else you might find water. Limescale is a substance mainly made up of calcium and magnesium, which is left behind when hard water evaporates and the longer its left untreated, the more difficult it is to remove. This had certainly been the case for my bathroom tap which is why I wanted to test out a hack that was raved by many and is insanely cheap.

Limescale build up isn’t just unsightly, but it can actually cause damage when left too long to set.

It can restrict the flow of water and reduce the efficiency of your taps and showers.

This is something I started to notice on my tap as a result of the limescale deposits.

Lemons and citrus fruit in general are very versatile. 

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They can also be picked up from other local supermarkets, however I found that Asda sold them for less.

I left the lemon attached to the tap overnight to let the substance breakdown the limescale deposits.

The next morning I removed the lemon and saw that the limescale had completely gone. 

I couldn’t believe how cheap, but most importantly effective, this hack was and required no effort whatsoever.

As there was still juice left in the used half of the lemon, I rubbed it against the top of the tap to remove the limescale water marks.

Using a damp microfibre cloth I then wiped down the area to remove leftover pieces of lemon and to achieve a brighter finish.

This was then followed up by a wipe down using a dry microfibre cloth for a shiny result.

For those cleaning a larger fixture like a shower head, I would suggest placing multiple lemon halves over the entire area.

Secure the lemon in place with a small plastic bag and rubber band, or clingfilm and leave it to sit and it will have the same results.


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