‘I’m sticking with petrol!’ UK drivers push back as EV owners say they wouldn't go back


Meanwhile, ‘Patrick Turveydrop’ kept it simple, stating: “Good luck to EV drivers. I’m sticking with petrol as I don’t have charging facilities at home.”

[email protected]’ added: “Unfortunately 90 percent of diesel and petrol owners say they won’t buy an EV unless they can get a second mortgage and a 50 percent government grant.’”

And ‘BarrieWatson’ responded to the headline, saying: “And the 90 percent would probably never admit it was a mistake to buy an E car.”

Causing ‘JacksDad’ to reply, “They probably will when the new smart charger becomes obligatory for new installations later this year, must have it’s own dedicated supply and could be programmed to charge a differing rate (probably higher to recoup lost fuel duty) than domestic unit rate. I suspect that cost per mile for ‘fuel’ will eventually be the same whether electric or fossil.”


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