'Incompetent!' Kamala Harris proving a poor choice for Joe Biden after car-crash interview


Kamala Harris, 57, faced criticism from a conservative-leaning commentator as he claimed the Vice President is unfit to deputise for President Joe Biden, 79. Horace Cooper, from Project 21 at the National Center for Public Policy Research, appeared on the pro-Trump One America News Network to suggest Mr Biden’s pick as running-mate proved she wasn’t up to the job after a recent interview on NBC News.

Before Mr Cooper joined the conversation, One America News anchor, Stephanie Hamill, showed footage of Ms Harris floundering when asked whether the Biden administration would consider changing its COVID-19 strategy.

In response to the question in her NBC interview, the Vice President replied: “It is time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is everyday.

“Everyday it is time for us to agree that there are things and tools that are available to us to slow this thing down.”

Mr Cooper, who penned the book ‘How Trump is Making Black America Great Again’ in 2020, said: “One of the primary roles of the Vice President is supposed to be the chief cheerleader for the President of the United States.

“When you show up and you give an answer and it sounds like you’re reading a hostage note you’re definitely not on point.

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“No one would be upset or surprised if the Vice President was enthusiastic, and a booster, and even far more optimistic even than circumstances might allow.

“She can’t accomplish any of that.

“She comes across ill-informed, incompetent and a real question as I continue to say to you and this audience, what impact does her poor performance have on the notion that women should be able to be as competent and able to compete as men in any setting.

“Her poor performance undermines equality, that is how bad she is.”

Mr Cooper went on to claim as voters see more and more of Ms Harris it will start to dawn on them that “it is worse than we ever realised”.

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FiveThirtyEight now suggests that while Mr Trump’s rating remains negative, he has cut it to just -10.5 percent.

Mr Cooper also attacked the US President for picking Ms Harris.

He said: “The President of the United States made a very, very poor choice to let the kind of identity politics make a significant role in who he selected for the number two position in the United States.”

The National Center for Public Policy Research, an organisation which Mr Cooper serves as a senior fellow, was founded in 1982 “to provide the conservative movement with a versatile and energetic organization capable of responding quickly and decisively to fast-breaking issues”.


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