‘Indoctrinating children!’ European Union slammed over 'communist' Europe-wide curriculum


Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes told the Telegraph that EU bureaucrats wanted to “indoctrinate” children “like the Communists”.

He said: “EU bureaucrats are not losing any chance to undermine the sovereignty of EU national states, and the projects for a single EU curriculum proves it.

“The EU has no power to legislate in education, which is a national competence.

“These bureaucrats want to indoctrinate children from an early age, like the Communists once did.” 

The report which prompted the resolution blamed an “insufficient knowledge of or ignorance about the EU and poor understanding of its functioning” on the bloc’s unpopularity across a number of its national capitals.

It calls on member states to develop a “renewed European momentum in citizenship education” as a way to counter the “allure of misinformation, extremist and populist discourses”.

The 6,500-word report argues there should be a standard set for a “minimum understanding” of what it means to be an EU citizen along with the formation of a “European common identity”.

According to the report, member states should be encouraged to “review and update their education systems – and all forms of EU-related curricula content at all levels”. 

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The European Commission is now obliged to consider the report as it has been adopted by MEPs.


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