'Inexcusable' Care home savaged for throwing dead resident's belongings in a skip


The ombudsman said that a letter on April 1 noted: “A calculation of the resale of the belongings was calculated from the belongings list, as stated in my prior letter this amount cannot bring back your mother’s belongings however we believe the sum of £375 is a fair offer to substitute for the loss of belongings”.

The provider acknowledged it did not have a contemporaneous record of the woman’s belongings, the ombudsman said, and that it admitted that items “damaged” from being placed in the skip had made it “very hard” to determine if their list was correct at that point in time.

In the report, decided on November 3, the ombudsman wrote that Piper Court accepted that the belongings had been “wrongly disposed of”.

The official added: “To find a loved one’s belongings in a skip is inexcusable. It is without doubt that this caused untold distress to the family.


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