Insulate Britain activist shamed over own un-insulated home 'You cost taxpayers £4.3m!'


The Insulate Britain activist was asked if her own home was insulated after her organisation brought misery to thousands of Britons with weeks of protests demanding a better insulation strategy for the UK. TalkRADIO presenter Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije challenged Ms Mallaghan after a new report showed the demonstrations from the Extinction Rebellion offshoot group cost taxpayers an estimated £4.3 million this year. Ms Vanderpuije asked: “Listeners are asking if you’ve had your home insulated.

“This is coming from Nasha – Tracy, is your home insulated?”

Ms Mallaghan said: “It’s not about the individual, is it? It’s about working together.”

The talkRadio host however reminded the activist the actions of her group caused severe disruption to Britons everywhere and they deserved to know whether organisation members practiced what they preached.

She said: “If you’re blocking the road, blocking the everyday activities of people, including people trying to get loved ones to hospital…

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“And you’re not doing the very thing you’re demanding, trying to force people to do, it kind of is important in all of this.”

Ms Mallaghan said: “No, loads of people cannot afford to insulate their own homes.

“This needs to be an infrastructure project on the scale that will put £2 back into the economy for every pound that it costs.”

But Ms Vanderpuije hit back: “Tracy, you cost taxpayers £4.3 million, calling on people to insulate their homes and your home isn’t insulated.”

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He said: “Not only did their guerrilla tactics wreak havoc on our roads and inflict misery to thousands of motorists, but they diverted our emergency services away from vital work, costing the UK taxpayer millions in the process.”

Met Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh blasted the “staggering” cost and said: “Unfortunately we have to police what’s put in front of us.

“It’s disgusting that we’re having to spend that sort of money on these protests.”

He added that responding to the demonstrations on 70mph motorways was “some of the most dangerous things my colleagues have had to do”.


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