Interior hacks: Best way to save space for your Christmas gifts – from drawers to baskets


1. Furniture with built-in storage

Data has revealed that interest in ottoman beds has increased by up to 300 percent after Christmas every year for the past five years.

But it’s not just beds that have built-in storage.

Sofas, stools and even benches can have built-in storage perfect for keeping homes clutter-free.

Furniture with internal storage space is the perfect way to keep large winter gifts like throws, new bed linen, board games and even children’s toys.

A spokesperson from Crafted Beds said: “We’ve discovered a noticeable yearly spike in searches for functional storage furniture like our ottoman beds and boxes directly after the Christmas period.

“Last year, interest for ottoman beds rose by 177 percent from December 6 to December 27 and 237 percent in 2019, with up to 300 percent uplift in interest in 2016.

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