‘It definitely works!’ Mrs Hinch fans share ‘boiled rhubarb’ for burnt pressure cookers


Cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, rose to fame after posting cleaning tips online and on TV. Currently with over 4.1 million Instagram followers, the guru is inspiring others with hacks to clean their homes. Now fans of the cleaning enthusiast have taken to creating their own Facebook groups dedicated to sharing advice similar to the cleaning expert, including how to clean a burnt pressure cooker.

Julie Parlane commented: “Boil some rhubarb, it definitely works!”

Margaret Gordon said: “Stew some rhubarb, cleans anything.”

However, another cleaning enthusiast suggested using celery rather than rhubarb.

Barbara Martin said: “Chopped celery and water and boil it up.

“Left it for a few hours and the burnt came off no bother.”

Other fans suggested using biological washing powder.

Kasmir Burma said: “Biological soap powder, hot water. Leave overnight, then scrub. It will come away easier.”

Angela Devlin said: “Bio soap powder and let it simmer for a while, then leave to cool.”


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