Javid furiously lashes out at anti-vaxxers 'costing lives' after activists target his home


The Health Secretary said the Home Office and the police were working to stop activists from undermining the jabs rollout. He said they were “doing everything they can” to tackle those breaking the law.

Last week protesters stormed a test-and-trace centre in Milton Keynes appearing to believe it was a vaccination centre.

Yesterday there was also an arrest made outside Mr Javid’s home after he was subjected to an anti-vax demonstration.

After visiting a vaccination centre in Lambeth, South London, this afternoon, the Health Secretary said: “We are working very hard across Government, particularly the Home Office and the police are doing everything they can to tackle anti-vax protesters that are breaking the law.”

He added: “That kind of information which is frankly just lies about vaccines and misinformation is something that is costing lives.

“And what we really need to do is focus on the positive messages about how vaccines are saving lives, preventing people from going to the hospital, helping you, your family and your community.”

One in ten people aged 12 and up are yet to get a first dose of a Covid injection.

It means millions of Britons continue to have no protection against the virus.

Three jabs are needed in order to provide best immunity against the Omicron variant currently dominant across the UK.

Labour’s shadow health secretary Wes Streeting has also condemned activists who targeted his opposite number.

He wrote on social media: “It’s completely unacceptable that anti-vaxxers turned up at Sajid Javid’s home and it’s right that this should be taken seriously by the Police.

“Best wishes to the Health Secretary and his family.

“They shouldn’t have to deal with this.”

More to follow…


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