Jealous boyfriend poisoned partner's koi carp with bleach in terrifying campaign of abuse


Joe Parkinson, 30, formerly known as Joe Dryden, also took his partner’s hot tub and smashed her mobile phone. The woman has claimed jealous partner hit her and tried to strangle her while high on drugs. Mr Parkinson admitted a series of offences during a campaign of stalking and threats.

The incidents of stalking happened between April and June last year.

He pleaded guilty to battery and damaging a mobile phone at Leicester Crown Court.

Mr Parknson also pleaded guilty to killing the koi fish in the victim’s garden pond.

Prosecutor Lynsey Knott told the Court the couple’s 10-month relationship deteriorated by April 1 last year.

This was when Mr Parkinson returned to his partner’s home, in Rothley, where he was then staying, at 11.30pm.

It has been claimed that Mr Parkinson was behaving “differently” when he returned home.

The complainant suspected he had been taking drugs.

On the same night, at 2am, Mr Parkinson’s partner was awoken by a blow to the head and the defendant shouting and accusing her of texting her ex-boyfriend.

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“This was a serious course of stalking and harassment.

“It included putting bleach into her pond, killing her koi carp, which was discovered by her 12-year-old daughter.

“Your conduct was intended to maximise fear and distress and the poisoning of the fish is an example of that.”

Parkinson was jailed for two years and seven months.

He was placed on a six year restraining order, banning any contact with the victim, including not visiting the road where she lives for three years.


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