Joe Biden 'a lame duck president!' Former top diplomat in brutal slap down of US leader


Joe Biden was branded as “too old and too ineffective” to successfully serve as US President for the remainder of his mandate. Sir Christopher argued Mr Biden is a “lame duck president” as he joined detractors of the US leader in criticising his performance so far. Mr Biden has faced widespread criticism over his response to the ongoing Covid pandemic and has been accused of undermining the US’ international role with his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan last year.

Sir Christopher also hit out at Mr Biden’s strategy to handle Vladimir Putin’s hostile behaviour, lamenting the inability of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger of taking over the negotiations.

The former diplomat also admitted to fearing Russia could “take another bite” out of Ukraine to show President Biden Moscow is “serious” with its demands over Easter Europe.

Russian troops have been amassing at the border with Ukraine, sparking fears of a new conflict in the region as an estimated 104,000 troops lay in wait.

President Biden has warned Putin he is prepared to retaliate for any attempt to annex extra parts of Ukraine to Russia but he has also been in talks with the Russian president to reach a peaceful agreement.

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