Judge John Hodgman on Dipping Your Fingers in With the Cookie

Alan writes: When I dip my Oreos in milk, I submerge the entire cookie. I once did this in a milk cup shared with my wife and it yucked her yum, so now we have our own setups. But sometimes my wife takes one of my cookies and dips it in my cup, recreating the situation that disgusted her. Am I responsible for reminding her?

First, “yucking one’s yum” doesn’t mean grossing someone out. It is actively shaming someone for liking something. I could have edited it out, but I wanted you to know: That phrase disgusts me. I hate hearing it and I am nauseated typing it. But that’s just me. It’s certainly not as gross as, say, you sticking your fingers into a shared milk cup (or, for that matter, the words “shared milk cup”). So do your thing! As for your wife, she knows your filthy habit, so it could be part of some unspoken cookie kink you two have going on — but best to get affirmative consent first.

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