Judge John Hodgman on Faking a Sacramento Kings Championship Game

Merany writes: My father wants to see the Sacramento Kings play in an N.B.A. championship game before he dies. This is unlikely. He worries that should he develop dementia, my sisters and I will take him to a regular Kings game and tell him it’s the finals. He has told us not to do this, but we think it would make him happy anyway.

I don’t know sports, but in Season 3 Episode 6 of “Get Smart,” the villain blindfolds Max and 99 and puts them on a fake plane that tilts back on “takeoff” and then rumbles around until they think they’re in Buenos Aires, except they’re actually imprisoned in a sewer. And that is what you deserve if you ignore your dad’s pre-dying wish and try to trick him. What’s worse, now even if the Kings do go all the way, at this point he’ll never believe you. Apologize to your dad, and for his birthday fake him a moon landing like a decent daughter.

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