Judge John Hodgman on Guests Going Sockless

Sam writes: During the peak of Covid, my friend Marissa and I formed a pod and hung out frequently. If I went to her place, I would remove both my shoes and socks. She believes it’s weird for a houseguest to go sockless. Now we’re dating, and she tells everyone about “Sockgate.” Please order her to stop teasing me.

I love a Covid love story, even one with your gross feet stomping all over it. While many guests are invited to remove their shoes when visiting in the United States (and good idea!), you don’t get foot-naked unless explicitly invited (or if your host lives in a cabana). It’s a matter of smell and respect. This was her home, not your sockless WeWork cubicle. Now that you are dating, I definitely approve more liberal nudity (you’re welcome), but even so: If your partner thinks something is “weird,” take the hint, don’t wiggle your toes in contempt.

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