Kate blows a kiss for cheeky Prince Louis after his Jubilee antics mesmerise world


The Prince delighted royal spectators during the festivities by showing a series of amusing expressions as he sat next to his mother in the royal box. The Duchess blew the Prince a kiss on Sunday as he looked at his mother during the long and tiring day for the young royal.

As the parade went on, the Prince appeared to be getting restless and glanced at the Duchess who made the sweet gesture.

The Duchess then attempted to keep the Prince occupied by showing him the event programme.

Royal fans on social media were ecstatic to see the gesture.

One said: “Such a lovely sweet gesture.”

Another added: “Catherine is such a caring and sweet mum.”

Prince Louis was the star of the show on the first day of the Platinum Jubilee last Thursday in adorable scenes that captivated the world.

He even appeared to entertain the Queen on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

During a flypast the Prince pulled several grumpy faces and even held his hands over his ears as aircraft flew overhead. 

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Former rugby world cup winner Mike Tindall, who was sitting behind, looked at the Prince and pointed to his eyes indicating to the young royal that he was watching him.

Royal fans were left buzzing with delight at the Prince’s hilarious tomfoolery.

One said: “Prince Louis being iconic as always.”

Another added: “Prince Louis’ facial expressions are as legendary as ever.”

Another said: “Prince Louis deserves his own meme section! I can’t with how expressive his face is!! Love you little bug!”

One user chimed in: “Unfortunately for Prince Louis, he can’t be mischievous because Mike will make sure he behaves.”


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