Kate is 'real deal' and 'would have Queen Mother's seal of approval'


Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond said the Duchess of Cambridge is “turning out to be the real deal”. Ms Bond praised Prince William’s wife for her elegance and sense of duty.

Ms Bond told OK! magazine: “Kate is turning out to be the real deal.

“Gracious, elegant, committed and dutiful – the Queen Mother would’ve very much approved of her.”

Ms Bond added that Kate takes after the Queen Mother by having lots of time for members of the public.

The royal expert said: “Everyone who spoke to the Queen Mother would say that she gave you the time of day.

“I say the same about Kate.

“She gives the impression of being fully engaged and committed to any conversation or engagement, and the Queen Mother was notorious for that.

“She would just stay and chat to her fans.

“She would recognise them and approach the crowd.”

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William is now into the second year of his environmental Earthshot Prize and he met one of the inaugural winners during the final day of the tour in the Bahamas, while Kate’s passion for the early years development of children was highlighted in a speech at a Jamaican school.

The Duke is said to want to do things “the Cambridge way” in the wake of criticism of the royal visit.

The trip is likely to be judged as a landmark moment for years to come – when the growing awareness of racial equality, in light of the Black Lives Matter movement, meant future Commonwealth tours would have to be sensitive to these issues.

The couple carried out all their engagements in the Caribbean together but there are plans for the Duchess, who recently visited Denmark by herself, to embark on more solo trips.

The Duke of Cambridge reportedly also wants to end the longstanding royal tradition of “never complain, never explain” and will have a smaller household supporting him and Kate.

Ending their trip to Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas last weekend, the future king acknowledged the monarchy’s days in those nations may be numbered as he stated the future “is for the people to decide upon”, and that he may not become head of the Commonwealth.


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