Kate Middleton & Princess Diana share 'unmistakable feminine elegance' – 'iconic pearls'


Kate Middleton celebrated her 40th birthday on January 9, and celebrated by releasing three previously unseen photos of the Duchess. In the photos, Kate included many features that undeniably linked her to Princess Diana. Whether it was the late Princess’ jewellery or the Duchess of Cambridge was inspired by Diana’s Hollywood glamour, the similarities are uncanny.

Eddie LeVian, CEO of American fine jewellery house Le Vian, whose 18th-century ancestors guarded the royal jewels of Persia, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about Kate’s choice of jewellery in the new photos.

He said: “In the bolder, coloured image, the feel is more contemporary and daring.

“It’s here that Kate wears sparkling, statement diamond earrings to complement her bright smile and red gown.

“It’s a look that brims with glitter and glamour while still retaining a delicate, understated opulence.

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“These diamond earrings are said to come from the Queen’s private jewellery collection.

“In the black and white images, Kate wears pearl earrings.

“In particular, in the image of Kate wearing the asymmetric one-shouldered dress, the pearls lend an almost bridal, ultra-romantic effect.

“These particular earrings are one of Kate’s favourites and were very meaningful for William’s late mother, Princess Diana.


“She received them as a wedding gift from Collingwood jewellers, her family’s jewellers.

“Diana wore them on her wedding day, with her going away look, as well as on several other occasions.

“This included her famous appearance in 1994 when she wore a ravishing off the shoulder dress.

“This was on the night the Prince of Wales confessed to his relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Kate has worn jewellery throughout her time as a royal that has linked her to Princess Diana.

For instance her iconic blue sapphire engagement ring was also Diana’s engagement ring from 1981.

As Kate has never met her mother-in-law, these jewellery pieces perhaps allow the Duchess to feel connected to the late Princess.

The photos from Kate’s 40th birthday were taken by photographer Paolo Roversi inspired by Cecil-Beaton photography.


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