Kate's birthday photos send royal fans wild as search for item explodes by 733 percent


Analysis of Google data shows online searches for “one shoulder dress” exploded 733 percent in the UK on January 10, two days after pictures of Kate in three different gowns by Alexander McQueen, the brand she trusted for her wedding to William, Duke of Cambridge in 2011, were released in light of her 40th birthday.

A spokesperson for Dalston-Mill Fabrics, who commissioned the research, said: “The Duchess of Cambridge’s 40th birthday portraits highlight her timeless and elegant style.

“The Duchess has an extraordinary ability to create an effortlessly classy look and she knows which brands and designers work best for her, with Alexander McQueen being a brand she used for her wedding, over 10 years ago.

“Her clever use of wearing the same brands over and over again means that she manages to build an image for herself that is easily identifiable.”

The growth in search represents a seven-time spike on the average volume in a day – an unprecedented surge in interest for one-shouldered dresses.

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The photo wearing the red satin gown also caused an explosion in searches for “red dress”, with analysis showing a 376 percent growth the morning after the release of the birthday portraits, as found by Printique.

The £3,450-garment features an asymmetrical design with a puff sleeve and cinched-in waist detail, which Kate, now 40, combined with a signature pair of earrings that belong to the Queen. The decision to feature them is thought to be a heartfelt tribute from the Duchess to the 95-year-old Monarch.

Captured at Kew Gardens by Paolo Roversi, the pictures show a side of the mother-of-three that is rarely seen – one where she embraces the fashion icon she has slowly become since she became a royal.

She said: “The most powerful messages from these birthday portraits look primarily aimed at creating a sense of reassurance to the Queen that, given the ongoing turmoil in the royal Firm, she is ultimately leaving her legacy in a very safe pair of hands.

“Kate’s body language looks calm and quietly capable here and the styling makes her appear serene and stress-free.

“She hasn’t chosen to look like a moderniser or a creator of change: instead, like the Queen herself, Kate shows herself to be a champion of continuity with a very strong sense of her place in history.”

About Kate’s attitude in the photo wearing the asymmetric gown, the body language expert said: “This is the most contemporary-looking shot, with the body language and the styling looking set to remind us of how Kate has grown from a rather discreet and sometimes tentative or cautious-looking bride to the far more confident and relaxed future Queen we can see today.

“This is a much more grown-up, womanly expression from Kate and the way she has stuffed her hands into the pockets of her very debutante-looking dress hints at a firmer and even more sassy version of the Duchess.

“The air of caution has gone, to be replaced by the facial expression of a calm, confident and even firm woman who seems to want to let us know she has finally grown into her role as an independent and successful royal in her own right.”

Additional reporting by Dorothy Reddin


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