'Key thing to focus on': Gut health therapist's guide to ease constipation pain


A gut health specialist explained various steps Britons can take to soothe pain caused by constipation, including avoiding certain drinks and meditation.

Eve Kalinik is a nutritionist and the author of two books focused on gut health. A gut health specialist for KÄLLA Probiotics, she has dedicated her career to improving gut health through the diet.

She spoke with Express.co.uk about how to ease constipation pain.

Eve said: “Dietary fibre is really the key thing to focus on, in order to support regular movement through the gut.

“Roughly we need around 30g dietary fibre per day, which in real terms equates in to something like one piece of fruit, six portions of vegetables, two servings of whole grains and three portions of nuts and seeds.”

It is easier to add more fibre to your diet than you might think, and it could have huge benefits for your gut.

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Eve explained: “That might seem like quite a task, but if you think about adding a spoonful of nut butter to porridge oats, along with a serving of berries, sprinkling seeds over your vegetables and aiming for a mix of three different types of veggies at lunch and supper, then you’ve pretty much hit your quota.”

However, adding fibre to your diet does come with a warning.

“If you’re not used to eating so much fibre, my advice is to increase it slowly and gently, as you may experience unpleasant gut symptoms like excessive bloating and gas if you go too aggressively,” Eve said.

Aside from fibre, a number of other lifestyle changes will help ease and reduce instances of constipation.

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“It’s also key to ensure that you are consuming enough water, which is important when you are increasing fibre, but also because dehydration alone can create constipation.

“Aiming for around twp litres per day, which can include herbal teas, but not caffeinated beverages or alcohol, as these act as diuretics.

“Food aside, high amounts of stress can also contribute to altered movement through the gut, so try to engage in regular mindful practises to help with this such as yoga, meditation and walking.”

How else might one ease the uncomfortable feeling from constipation?

Eve has released Be Good To Your Gut, published in 2017 and Happy Gut, Happy Mind, released in August 2020.

The book shares Eve’s expertise on the connection between the gut and the brain, helping to nourish the body and mind with the food you eat.

It includes 75 recipes, including tempeh tacos and five-spice pork burgers.

Another health expert explained when to see a doctor if gut health issues are causing you strife.

Dr Megan Rossi told Express.co.uk there is a time when bloating indicates a need to see your GP. 


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