Labour on the wrong side of history AGAIN after welcoming bullying Bercow with open arms


An investigation found Mr Bercow guilty of bullying staff. Allegations of his behaviour have been reported in the media for a number of years.

Still, Labour had no problem jumping into bed with the former Speaker.

BBC Newsnight first broke the story of his behind-the-scenes antics in 2018.

He was accused of angry outbursts, undermining Commons employees and even smashing up his phone on a desk, which he has denied.

In spite of it all, in 2020, Jeremy Corbyn nominated Mr Bercow for a peerage as he stepped down as Labour leader.

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The request was rejected because of an ongoing investigation into the ex-Speaker’s behaviour, making him the first person to hold the senior role in more than two centuries to step down and not be made a Lord.

So eager though was Labour to court the now-disgraced ex-MP that the party admitted him as a member.

Mr Bercow switched his prior Conservative allegiance to become a red.

Labour showed off their latest member with pride at their party conference in Brighton last autumn, while the investigation was still ongoing.

Today, after the investigation concluded Mr Bercow was a “serial bully” who “repeatedly and extensively” berated staff, Labour suspended his membership.

Both in Mr Corbyn’s nomination for a peerage, and Sir Keir Starmer welcoming him into the party, Labour put themselves on the wrong side of the argument.

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In a separate incident, earlier this year, it emerged a donor to Labour MP Barry Gardiner was a suspected Chinese spy. 

The Brent North MP was warned by the security services about Christine Lee’s connections to the Chinese state. He was not aware of teh allegations before he was warned.

Mr Gardiner said she appeared to be “operating as a legitimate person in the UK”.

And last month, as Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, a number of backbench Labour MPs blamed NATO for the aggression.


Diane Abbott, John McDonnell, and a handful of others said the expansion of the defence alliance had provoked Vladimir Putin and the West must take some of the blame for Moscow’s attack.

It was more than a week later, after Boris Johnson urged Sir Keir Starmer to take action, that Labour demanded the MPs withdraw their criticism or face being booted out of the party.

Again, Labour was slow to act.

Making friends with bullies, communist spies, and Putin apologists, Labour has a habit of repeatedly being on the wrong side of history.


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