Laura Kuenssberg exposes fears of BBC clampdown by Putin if Boris bans Russia Today


Ofcom has been told by the Culture Secretary to review the operation of the Kremlin-backed Russia Today (RT) news channel in the UK. Writing to the regulator, Nadine Dorries said RT was “demonstrably part of Russia’s global disinformation campaign”. Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed in the Commons that Ms Dorries had taken the step.

But She told BBC Politics Live: “The problem though while previously this has not happened despite many years of politicians in this country being concerned about the activities of Russia Today particularly acutely right now.

“There is the question that being aware of unintended consequences were the UK’s regulators were to take action against Russian broadcasters, there could potential consequences for British journalists trying to do the right thing and provide journalism in other countries and notably in Russia.

“We would say this but the BBC and other UK outlets are in Russia trying to provide free, fair and impartial coverage.

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“It’s easy for politicians to call for it but unintended consequences could follow.”

More to follow…


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