'Legend of a lady' Mike Tindall admits he still gets nervous meeting Queen 'Sweaty palms'

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Speaking on his rugby podcast, The Good, the Bad and the Rugby, Zara Tindall’s husband described the Queen as a “legend of a lady”. The podcast usually features light-hearted chat on the theme of rugby with Mr Tindall’s co-hosts James Haskell and Alex Payne.

When asked by his co-host Alex Payne about his first meeting with the Queen, the 2003 Rugby World Cup winner said: “I did get sweaty palms.”

He added: “I think anyone would.

“She’s such a legend of a lady that I still get nervous now when I see her.

“I’m way more comfortable now, but… it’s been a journey.”

He was later asked what he gets called in the Royal household, with his co-host asking: “Are you Mike, Michael, Lord Tindall of Tindalltown?”

But the royal responded: “I’m Mike”.

The three hosts also joked about the Royal Family’s traditional festive gathering, with fellow rugby player James Haskell joking that Mr Tindall does an “interpretive dance” for the Queen.

He said: “Tinds tends to do some kind of interpretive dance for her, like Morris dancing.

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“I mean, you look at what she did in terms of setting examples at the Duke’s funeral; sat on her own, did everything by the book and exposed herself like that.

“That is what needed to be done in the country at that time.

“Who knew that, whilst she was doing that, politicians were doing everything that they were doing.

“They should maybe learn from her.”

Mike Tindall married the Queen’s eldest granddaughter Zara at Canongate Kirk on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile on July 30 2011.

The couple have three children, Mia Grace, Lena Elizabeth, and Lucas Philip, in 2014, 2018, and 2021.

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