Let's get real. Joe Biden, Democrats and America need results much more than unity.

The January 2021 nominee for most abused word in the English language must be “unity.”   

Within hours of the insurrection on Capitol Hill, the Republicans behind the attack were using calls for “unity” as a cynical shield to deflect demands that they be held accountable. Impeaching a president who egregiously and publicly violated his oath and provoked an attack on his own government was decried as “divisive.” Even in the few days since President Joe Biden made unity the core theme of his inaugural address, Republicans have twisted the word to suggest they should have veto power over the initiatives of the new administration and the Democratic majorities in the House and Senate. The Republican message seems to be bipartisanship on their terms, or bust. 

When Biden spoke of unity, however, he was clear. He explicitly did not mean he expected we would all agree on every initiative. Rather, his intent as laid out in the speech, was to remind Americans that we are all in this together. He has said his goal is to de-toxify American politics, to end the zero sum, us vs. them mentality that dominated during the Trump years. He wants to make sure people understood that under his administration, no state or city or individual will be penalized for their legitimate political beliefs. 

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