Libra January 2022 horoscope: What’s in store for the diplomatic air sign


Libra, you’ve been working really hard recently and you’re about to get your flowers. Look out for recognition at work and spend your free time relaxing and doing up your home. Don’t forget to hang out with your family and practise self-care too. chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex Milford (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to find out the Libra January horoscope for 2022.

The beginning of January essentially means hibernation for you, Libra.

Capricorn season, which takes up most of the month, brings out the homebody in you!

Bex said: “You’ll have a desire to retreat and nest as winter sets in, so make creating a safe haven your priority.

“It’s a great time to renovate your home, spruce it up with some interior design attention, or even start looking for new places to live if you’ve been considering relocating!”

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January also turns your attention to your family, so don’t resist a chance to chill with them.

Bex said you may find yourself spending more time with your mother, specifically.

She added: “Or, you might find yourself being asked to connect with your own mothering abilities more!

“Be aware that when Mars moves into Capricorn on January 24 it may mean tensions within the family simmer to the surface and arguments abound, so keeping your composure towards the end of January is advised!”

The Full Moon in Cancer on January 17 brings endings and culminations in your career.

Bex predicted: “You could see a big project wrapping up, or see the results of your hard work come to fruition, so don’t be afraid of stand up and take pride in what you’ve achieved!

“It can also mean leaving a job in order to move on to something different, so if you’ve been meaning to make a shift in your professional life now is the time to look out for opportunities coming your way that will facilitate this.

“If you’ve found yourself becoming stuck in your job role because you don’t have confidence in your abilities, this Full Moon is an important time to work on releasing yourself of those limiting beliefs that stop you from moving out of your comfort zone.

“Where have you been holding yourself back, and how can you leave your shell in 2022 in order to make leaps and bounds on the ladder of success?”


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