'Life changing': Woman creates gorgeous coils with 'bowl method' for curly hair


Zia, known as Curly Zia, made a commitment to enhancing her natural curly hair after struggling to style them her whole life.

Now, Zia has a whopping 399.6K followers on her TikTok account, and also posts her hair routines on her Instagram account @curlyzia.xo. 

Zia is an advocate for the “bowl method”, reffering to herself as a “bowl method addict”.

Her incredible before and after result speaks for itself.

Zia said: “In May 2021 I decided to try and learn how to embrace my curls.

“I never thought this journey would be so life changing.

“I started sharing videos on TikTok that showed how I was washing my hair as a journal to keep track of techniques and to get advice.”

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What is the bowl method?

The bowl method involves washing your hair over a bowl.

  • After shampooing and conditioning your hair as normal fill a bowl full of water.
  • Brush leave in conditioner through your hair, and then apply a curl cream.
  • Dip your hair into the bowl and catch the water running off your hair.
  • Scrunch the hair upwards in your fists. Repeat the dipping and scrunching steps another three times.

A pioneering beauty treatment is thought to have been adopted by none other than Kate Middleton. 

Experts believe the Duchess of Cambridge has opted for the laminated brows treatment.

Tori Rosero, make-up artist and founder of Glowblade Academy told Express.co.uk: “Kate Middleton’s fluffy brows definitely look like they have been laminated to create a natural, yet fluffy and perfectly set brow.

“When brows are laminated we use a cream to set brows into the desired position, so Kate’s therapist could definitely have done this to create the fluffy and textured, yet immaculately groomed look she has now.”


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